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    п»їHow to cut your hair to not regret it |

    Do you regret when you cut your hair? We tell you five infallible tricks to show off a new very chic haircut without regrets with the help of your hairdresser.
    by Susana Maura, il
    July 13, 2015
    How to cut your hair to not regret it. When a woman decides to cut her hair, it is almost never a simple option, nor should it be taken lightly, especially if it is for a radical and extreme change of look. Discover how to cut your hair without regrets, following these simple steps that will make you appreciate your new hair styling.
    1.Choose the correct cut
    To avoid having regrets and regrets it is good to make a reasoned and pragmatic choice of the haircut we want. Ask at your hairdresser, they advise you on the type of cut that will best suit your face, your lifestyle to your hair type …
    2. Cut bit by bit
    If you have a very long hair and do not want to cut it healthy, you can cut it little by little. You must mark a final length and step by step you are cutting according to your preferences: half mane, bob cut, heel, very short … You choose the length and the cut. Thus the change will be less traumatic.
    3.Read magazines
    Find all possible information for your haircut in fashion, beauty and online magazines. When you go to the hairdresser take some photos, so you can see what kind of cut you like. Of course, you must take into account your hair type, your face and your style, you must also take into account your age.
    4. Products suitable for your new cut
    To achieve the same results as in the hairdresser you must be patient and find the products that best suit your hair. Choose products suitable for your hair that can exploit the full potential of your new haircut. Try without fear until you can find the perfect products.
    5. Hair grows back
    If your new look does not convince you, do not worry the hair grows quickly again. Don’t do a drama and play with your new hairstyle. You will also learn from the experience. If you don’t try, you will regret it later, so take advantage of the summer to change your haircut and wear a cool look.

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